• Our Love Story •

We love to hear our clients’ love stories as much as we love to share our own…

Our meeting was pure kismet. New to Vancouver, Emily was working retail while growing her portfolio and working her way up in Vancouver’s photography world. When a good looking guy came into the store (one guess who that was!) Emily’s friendly sensibilities took over and she struck up a conversation with him. As fate would have it, not only did she think Lachlan was dashing, he was also a photographer active in the Vancouver fashion scene. They shared a nice conversation, exchanged cards as professionals, and that was that.

Months went by and Emily had all but given up on ever hearing from Lachlan when she received a call from the Vancouver Fringe Festival. They were looking for photographers for the upcoming season and had received her name from one of their regular photographers, Lachlan McAdam. Thrilled not only that he remembered her and appreciated her work, she accepted.

Reunited on the very first shoot of the festival, they quickly discovered how well they worked together prompting them to develop a working relationship and close friendship. It didn’t take long however, for the world to work its magic. Soon their friendship blossomed to romance and they made both their work relationship and partnership official.

Enamoured by their own romance, Lachlan and Emily’s professional focus began to gravitate towards wedding and engagement photography. They have since gained a great deal of experience in the field and their unique style has garnered them an ever growing collection of very happy clients, many of whom they’re now proud to call friends.

• Testimonials •


“I don’t think I can do it justice to say how lucky we were to work with Lachlan & Emily. They are so fun, punctual, and professional – Most importantly, they made us look good!

They have a knack to take just the pictures we wanted (and more!). Folks always tell you that although they received thousands of wedding photos, many of their wedding pictures didn’t turn out. We were amazed how many of ours were perfect and ready to frame.

The package also included engagement photos, which was something we hadn’t initially planned on doing, but we are very glad we did. They made us feel so comfortable and relaxed in our engagement shoot – and it shows in the great pics. The shoot provided a sense of ease, and we weren’t worried one bit about the wedding photos which was nice to have one less thing to think about.

Overall, they offer exceptional quality and value – two photographers is the way to go. Definitely one of the easiest and best wedding decisions we made!

Thanks Lach & Em!” 

– Korina & Karl

We had been to a friend’s wedding in Vernon, which Emily and Lachlan had photographed, and when I saw their wedding pictures shortly after, I was in love!  We HAD to ask Emily & Lachlan to be our wedding photographers, and luckily for us, they accepted and we were SO excited!

Emily & Lachlan were amazing to work with from day one. I knew I loved their style of photography and being the professionals I left it up to them, I knew I was going to be happy with the outcome, not to mention how easy going and helpful and genuinely nice these two people are.

We started with our engagement shoot in Stanley Park and although we were nervous at first, they sure knew how to help us relax to capture the love and excitement we felt leading up to our wedding day. The photographs sure show the love we have for one another and the happiness we share! How exciting! I couldn’t wait to see the wedding day shots!

The wedding day arrived and flew by as everyone says it does, but definitely the best day ever!  It didn’t take long at all for us to receive a sneak peak picture and from there I couldn’t WAIT to see the rest. Well let me tell you, pure happiness, love, and excitement was captured beyond belief. They blew us away!

My favourite part of having a female/male duo, was the variety of shots they were able to be captured and my absolute favourite was Emily with my girls and I getting ready in the morning and Lachlan with Jeff & the guys! There is one picture that I haven’t ever been able to capture in a photo after almost 10 years of being with Jeff, his smile with the cutest nose scrunch ever. Well, Lachlan did it! It brought happy tears to my eyes when I first saw it, as did the entire wedding album. Truly amazing!

Thank you Lachlan & Emily for giving us the greatest photographs to remember our day by, for the rest of our lives. We love you!” 

– Kristina & Jeff King

“Emily and Lachlan were the perfect photographers for us!

They did an amazing and careful job of documenting the most important day of Heather and I’s lives. As our wedding day slowly drifts into the past the variety of photos Emily and Lachlan took allow us to step back in time whenever we feel like dancing that dance again or hearing those words we quietly spoke into each others eyes!

Thank You Lachlan and Emily for helping us to ensure our wedding is always fresh in our minds and in our hearts.” 

– Heather & Mark PaulHus


“We have used Lachlan & Emily Photography for our wedding, pre-natal shots, and three annual Christmas photo shoots now! Emily and Lachlan are consummate professionals who can make ANY event photo-worthy! If you are looking for a pair of talented photographers with an impeccable eye for composition, lighting, and style – you need not look any further. Let them capture your memories! You’ll treasure them forever!”

Ebony & Sean Lemckert

“Lachlan & Emily were an excellent choice for our wedding photographers. The pictures captured every moment of our wedding day. We would highly recommend them as they were very professional, excellent to work with, and final product exceeded our expectations.”

– Karina & Kevin Wilkie