Lighthouse Park Engagement Photography | Heather & Thomas

By November 8, 2016Engagements

Approaching us in the parking lot, Heather and Thomas walked up all smiles and we immeditaely knew their Lighthouse Park engagement session was going to be a joy to shoot. Calm and friendly, together their energy was that of young people with old souls. High school sweethearts together for 7 years, they were a pair so clearly connected and comfortable with each other, timing their engagement perfectly as their next step in life.

Lighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement Photographylighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0025lighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0024Lighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement Photographylighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0023Lighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement Photography
As we made our way through the park, they told us of Thomas’ proposal, and all of a sudden their choice to have their engagement photos shot on the West Coast made sense. After graduation, he had left on a trip to Ireland. He had carried the ring for her the entire trip, nervously awaiting her arrival three weeks later. Once Heather had joined him, they made their way to Italy. Hiking through the sea cliff villages of Cinque Terre, he popped the question and exhaled.
*the ring was her responsibility now!*
Lighthouse Park Engagement PhotographyLighthouse Park Engagement Photographylighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0020lighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0019lighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0016lighthouse-park-engagement-photography-vancouver_0015
The seas were calm and the sun was setting as we meandered along the rocks together. Heather and Thomas were relaxed but enthusiastic, up for climbing to the highest cliffs and sitting together on some of the most precarious. The rich colour of Heather’s hair and the neutral tones of their wardrobe perfectly complimented the copper highlights in the cliffs, the grey rocks and the deep tones of the ocean. And all the while, the cliffs and the sea of Lighthouse Park perfectly echoed Thomas’s marriage proposal at Cinque Terre half a year before.


Shooting Lighthouse Park Engagement Photography is one of our favourite things to do in Vancouver! 

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