5 Reasons to Choose Stanley Park for your Engagement Photography

By September 9, 2016Engagements
Why Stanley Park Wedding Photography is the best

Vancouver’s Stanley Park was named the best in the world by TripAdvisor in 2014 – and it’s no wonder. The 400 hectare urban park is also the city’s oldest. It hosts diverse backdrops that includes half a million trees, urban skylines, a 9 km seawall, and historical touches that nod to the city’s past. With all of this to work with it’s a dream for photography and the perfect place for an engagement shoot.

Here are our top 5 reasons why Stanley Park is the best park in the world for wedding and engagement photography.

1. Lush Backdrops

Besides over 500,000 cedars, some of which are 100 years old, the park’s interior is filled with ferns and greenery that epitomize the west coast rainforest. You will feel as if you’ve been transported to a dense forest a million miles away instead of a 5 minute walk from downtown.

Vancouver's Stanley Park Wedding Photography

2. Luminous Lighting

The delicate light from the rose garden creates an absolutely dreamy quality for photos. The warm, romantic glow is an especially lovely look for the bride-to-be, accentuating femininity.

Why Stanley Park Wedding Photography is the best

3. Urban Appeal

For couples who love the city but also want a touch of nature, Stanley Park can offer both features. The skyline of downtown is easily captured from the south east side of the park in Cole Harbour, so you can have the best of both worlds in one shoot.

Vancouver's Stanley Park Wedding Photography

4.  Enchanting Elements

To really up the ante, you can rent a horse drawn carriage to play up the historic character of the park. It’s enough to make one feel like they’re literally in a fairy tale.

Why Stanley Park Wedding Photography is the best

5. The Seawall

With the Georgia Straight surrounding the park, the stretch of walkway that wraps around Stanley Park can create a beautiful, expansive backdrop for photos. The perfect place for a couple to feel playful and free as they celebrate and announce their engagement with a photo shoot.

Vancouver's Stanley Park Wedding Photography

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